Maken & Abilities


Prepare yourself, Akaya Kodai...When I'm done with you, only your ashes will be left.
— Himegami to Akaya after Takeru is shot

Yasakani - Himegami’s Maken allows her to create powerful beings from her imagination; these beings take the form of shikagami. These shikigami are eternally present meaning she does not need to release Yasakani to create them, and although usually these shikigami can only be seen by Himegami, those with enough Element can see them as blurry figures. The shikigami are the previous incarnations of her mother, Yamato no Orochi. Minerva has also been shown to be able to see them. If Yasakani is unreleased, her shikigami appear in chibi form, transforming to full giant form upon release. According to Akaya Kodai, this Maken is the only Maken to combine the power of eight other Makens. This is due to Himegami inheriting her mother's Maken, who, having been reincarnated 7 times, was granted eight Maken (one for each life).



The shikigami of fire (Fire God). Using him allows Himegami to use fire attacks. He has been shown to have a rather lax personality and at times seems to be a bit playful, although he is often the voice of caution to her early on in the series. He has been shown to mock Himegami at times, though he stated he is afraid to be punished by her. He also seems to get excited when fighting a strong opponent. Kaguzuchi's summoning using the Maken: "The fire god who sits in the heavens, the blade of fire that dwells within me, come forth!! Kaguzuchi!". His attacks in released form are:

Daikokuen Benimaru - Kaguzuchi forms a large ball of fire through his pipe and throws it at his opponent.


The shikigami of lighting (Lightning God). Using him allows Himegami to attack with electricity. He seems to be rather serious most of the time and tends to remain calm. She usually uses a small bit of his electrical powers to hurt Takeru when he looks at her perversely. Himegami describes him as an ‘energy guzzler’.

God's Roar - Himegami surrounds her fingers in electricity and attacks, shooting a large beam of electricity at the target and far into the sky. After seeing this attack Leo Hirata states that his own lighting attacks cannot be compared to hers. However, using this attack uses up a lot of element.


The third shikigami shown (Earth God). She seems to be able to control wood. She is very respectful to Himegami, often times calling her Kodama-sama.

Jukon Kassei (Earth God Summon) - releases Nojichi when Yasakani is activated.

Shinmeiguu Daigenko (God's Shrine Great Fist) - Nojichi creates a giant fist out of nearby trees and smashs her opponent.

Sanshin Shoukan (Summoning of the Three Gods) - All three shikigami are released to fight for Himegami.

Sekiheki no Oozuku (Sekiheki's Eight Sword Cannon) - a combination attack between Kaguzuchi and Ikajichi.