Kageshiro Usuya




Usuya Kageshiro


Male Male

Hair Color

Light Brown

Eye Color


Professional Status

Tenbi Academy


Student (1st Year)

Personal Status




Debuts and Voices
Manga Debut

Chapter 10

Anime Debut

Stormy Games

English Voice

Scott Hinze

Kageshiro Usuya is a minor character in Maken-Ki! He is a timid first-year student at Tenbi Academy and has the befitting Maken, Chameleon.



Kageshiro is denoted to be very introverted and shy, often hiding himself unless the situation requires him to act. He tries to remain as silent as possible as he doesn't like attention.

He is also noted to be respectful of others' wishes, as he holds great attention to Kaori's demand after she asks him to keep their relationship a secret.


Chapter 10

Just before the water polo contest, Kai Kurigasa discoverers that Takeru and Kengo are trying to peep on the girls as they change into their swimsuits. Kengo swiftly introduces Kageshiro as their secret weapon, due to his invisibility Maken, but he begrudgingly admits that the girls will still be able to hear them, crushing their plan.

After the contest, however, the girls ask him to turn all of them invisible during the swimming classes, much to the boys' frustration.

Chapter 13


Kageshiro has a brief appearance in Chapter 13, where he is confronted by Kengo, asking him what he did the previous night. He is reluctant to reply, which earns him further suspicion from Kengo. In reality, he had spent the night before with his girlfriend and senpai, Kaori, who had asked him to keep it a secret.

Chapter 90


Following Takeru Yamato's declaration atop Amanohara, Kageshiro questions his fellow classmates whether they should truly fight against him or not, suggesting it might be better to just run away or even side with him. Minori then warns him of the dangers of surrendering to which he apologies for being a good-for-nothing student. Kaori rushes to his side, admitting that he only said those things to keep her out of the fight. He then states that he loves Tenbi Academy and is willing to fight if there really is no other choice.

Powers and Abilities


Kageshiro's Maken is called "Chameleon"; it allows him to turn himself invisible at any time, although the user can still be heard, which mostly defeats its purpose. He can also extend this effect to others around him, though the exact range of effect is unclear. He demonstrated this ability twice: once in the pool and once with his girlfriend Kaori.